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No Comparisons


We all do this, don’t we? We look at someone who’s wildly successful and/or talented and wish we were more like them. We wish we had their talent, their success, their clothes, their job, their life, their house, etc. These wishes come from the fact that we think they have it better than we do. But honestly, you never know.

On the outside, it may look like they have it all. Or, if we’re keeping it in the book world, it may look like they are more talented than you are. You may think this, but that person isn’t one thing you are, and that’s the most important thing.

That person isn’t YOU.

They haven’t had your experiences. They haven’t lived life in your shoes. They don’t have YOUR talent or YOUR success. You do. And you should use it.

Not to mention… Success is fleeting. Talent is subjective. And wishing you were something else is a waste of time. Instead, use that time to be yourself. If you want to be more talented, learn about your craft. If you want to be more successful, try new marketing techniques. Push yourself outside your comfort zone and maybe try a new genre, POV, age range, etc. Maybe hire a publicist or a PA and bounce ideas around. Come up with something unique, which you can do because you’re unique yourself. :)

Basically, just do what you do. Be the best YOU can be. And don’t compare, because no matter what, it’s apples to oranges. And I guarantee that that apple doesn’t think its shade of red is any less important, successful, or talented than that orange’s color. :)


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