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Working On Covers

The last few days have been spent working on the cover for One Chance Night. I’m lucky to be married to an amazing graphic designer, so all of my picky requests have been humored. Mostly, I’ve discovered that the cover process is a lot harder than it looks!

Back in October, I got really excited and messaged a really talented photographer friend of mine to see if she’d be willing to do a shoot for cover images for me. We went through the process, talked about the books, and tried to narrow down what I was looking for. That part went really well. And the photo shoot was really great. I checked the photos out and felt really pleased with them.

Until it was time to make the cover.

When I showed my other author friends, almost everyone said that CreateSpace prints DARK, and the cover was really dark. Not in theme so much as color. I liked the way the cover came out. But then it needed a back cover, and those didn’t match. And because the front cover photo had been taken at night, there wasn’t much we could do to lighten it up without sacrificing quality.

Of course, this all happened AFTER I announced that I’d reveal the cover in a week. AFTER I’d promised bloggers that I’d get them the materials on April 22nd. Today. :)

I didn’t think we’d have problems. I don’t know how cover design works. If I could, I’d do it all myself so that my picky requests wouldn’t have to go through someone else. I don’t love depending on other people or asking for things, so this process has been difficult. Especially when we ran into major problems the night before I was supposed to send it out into the world.

Luckily, my husband is a patient man. He knew I wasn’t thrilled with the outcome of the cover and started sifting through stock photo sites to find something that worked for the book. Now, he doesn’t know much about it, as I’ve kept pretty quiet about my writing. But he ended up finding this brilliant set of photos, and he’s managed to make a very beautiful cover. :)

Does it fully match the book? Some who’ve read it think so. Some don’t. I think it represents two of the more pivotal events in the book, and I can’t say what they are without spoiling anything.

I guess I’ve learned way more in the last few days about this business than I thought I knew. I’ve realized that I have to go with my gut, do what makes ME happy, and trust myself. Yes, I understand that this is a business. Yes, I understand that my cover will help sell books. Yes, I think my cover is amazing now. But I have a job, so writing is my fun place. Writing is my happy.

Covers are not my happy. Haha!

Basically, I’m going with the cover I love. It’s not permanent if I change my mind later. It’s not carved in stone. I’m taking this one day at a time, and Friday is cover day. I hope you’ll join me. :)

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